Project on plastic road

A feature documentary about growth and change in a remote area in Tajikistan. The idea for the concept was conceived by Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma, who have since been made available to lead the project and make sure we have our first pilot in September One of the main advantages of plastic is its high strength to weight ratio.

Within the consortium, this question is being handled by the partners Total and Wavin, both specialists in the field of plastic and the recycling of plastic. As a result, U. We discussing plastic road construction in hot topic area and see more Initially, the PlasticRoad will be used as a bicycle path.

Farmers can directly purchase from MSWM if plastic separated. Research shows the majority of plastic by mass is currently in the larger debris. Employment for unskilled laborers will be generated.

Partnership Of which partners does the PlasticRoad consortium consist. These are scenarios for the longer term however. Laboratory studies proved that waste plastic enhances the property of the mix. When mixed with hot bitumen, plastics melt to form an oily coat over the aggregate and the mixture is laid on the road surface like a normal tar road.

The system thus moves faster than the plastic, allowing the plastic to be captured. Recycling Ocean garbage patches are vast and dispersed Ocean currents concentrate plastic in five areas in the world: Our goal is to realise a pilot in We discussing disadvantages of plastic road in hot topic area and Floating should not occur if we allow the air to leave the construction.

The concept What is the PlasticRoad concept. The colour of road studs differs according to their location. Wavin is the European market leader in the field of plastic pipe systems and has a large market segment and product range within the field of sustainable rainwater management.

The convention has some flexibility so road markings vary somewhat between the countries. As in the UK, solid yellow lines are painted along the kerbside to indicate that no parking is allowed, with double solid yellow lines meaning no parking is allowed at any time.

To collect enough material for the production of the elements for the PlasticRoad, we are looking to use the plastic waste that is currently incinerated or dumped. Together with construction studio Fiction Factory we are assembling and installing the XL 3D printer on the building site.

The difference in properties of the added plastic has a large effect on the structural shape and strength of the PlasticRoad. Moreover, the innovation is in line with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy.

It is definitely possible to reuse the material, but the degree to which is currently being examined. Take advantage of natural oceanic forces The Ocean Cleanup is developing a passive system, using the natural oceanic forces to catch and concentrate the plastic. We recognize that waste streams containing plastics represent a significant and often unused opportunity to further reduce the carbon footprint of our polymers.


Additionally, it saves two to three layers of asphalt that no longer need to be produced. We can have international standard roads and pavements which are litter free. We thank all of you who helped get the votes necessary to win the Project Aware grant money to take the art show across the United States.

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KWS, a VolkerWessels company, Wavin and Total are working on the development of the plastic Road. Three companies, each contributing its own expertise and experience to the development of this innovative concept.

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Plastic Roads- A Revolutionary Idea

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Project on plastic road
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Plastic Road - A revolution in building roads