Gcse geography unit 1 revision

They do this my monitoring seismic activity earthquakesthe use of tilt meters to monitor the shape of the mountain, use of chemical sensors to monitor sulfur gas levels and thermal imaging to detect heat around the volcano. In mountainous areas, goats, sheep and marmots can be found.

This process continues moving the sediment along the beach. It was most likely to be caused by natural changes, not humans because there was not enough people or industry to cause it. Take Regular Study Breaks Do you feel stressed, tired and that no new information is entering your head. Warning was issued from again of a potential tsunami, in Kenya they managed to get police officers and people on bikes to warn the people and get them to higher land.

These basins tend not to have flashy hydrographs and have a long lag time. During a quiet phases people were allowed to return to their homes. The warmer climate meant: The governments generally responded quiet slowly to the disaster, this is due to their levels of development and the scale of the disaster.

The graph varies dependent on a number of factors including size, shape, precipitation event, geology and the use of the basin.

Geography GCSE Unit 1

Geology - if the basin is made from a permeable material which allows the water to infiltrate e. The graph varies dependent on a number of factors including size, shape, precipitation event, geology and the use of the basin. After the second wave people started to look for loved one and make their way to hospitals.

Precipitation event - If the precipitation event is a snow event the lag time will be very long as we have to wait for the snow to melt. Interactive Digital Quizzes Varied and engaging quizzes covering every teaching topic Unique, motivating '3 try' system Set your own target level Difficulty level adjusts accordingly Built-in Progress Tracking All your quiz scores are saved — can you pass them all to earn a topic trophy.

After the second wave people started to look for loved one and make their way to hospitals. Plants - trees do not grow in the tundra. Current levels of Methane are thought to be at their highest for at leastyears. This is the evolution of plants from the pioneer species to the climax communities which are adapted to the changing conditions.

Sign Up and Join Groups Now 4. If the basin is made from an impermeable rock such as granite the hydrograph will be much more flashy as the water will move quickly as surface runoff into the river.

For example, Flashcards are an ideal study aid to help you prepare for a language exam where you need to remember key terms. In mountainous areas, cushion plants grow between the rocks.

A population of vikings. The UK is affected by five air masses The prevailing winds from the Atlantic Ocean in the south west. The theory behind mind mapping explains that making associations by connecting ideas helps you to memorise information easier and quicker.

New roads built New capital at Little Bay Long term impacts The population has reduced from 12, people to around 5, since the eruption as people moved away. These basins tend not to have flashy hydrographs and have a long lag time. This is a combination of weathering and mass movement.

Soil - this is high in organic material because it is too cold for dead organisms to decompose. MultiChoice Click to select the correct answer from a set of four possibilities.

The Earths axis also moves and wobbles about affecting how much sunlight is recieved. This will allow you to fully prepare for your GCSEs as well as enrich your learning by exploring the thoughts and ideas of others.

The waves through the processes of hydraulic action, abrasion and solution erode cracks and weaknesses in the cliff face making them bigger, this forms caves. The rise in greenhouse gases, such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane, matches the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Recorded dates of blossom and migration of birds 2 of 10 Past climate change theories Eruption theory: The swash carries sediment up a beach at an angle, and then due to gravity, the backwash pulls the sediment straight back down the beach.

If the same type of rock is along the stretch of coast with a less resistant rock behind we get a concordant coast. The destructive waves attack the headlands. Other than people dying buildings and infrastructure were washed away.

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These waves are driven be the prevailing winds. Watch this excellent documentary:. Geography Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales.

Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study. This is a revision companion guide linked with the 'CGP GCSE AQA Geography Course' book. The booklet contains personal learning checklists, keywords and exam practice questions.

It also contains suggestions for revision techniques and 'top tips' for the exam. This booklet is for Unit 1. Physical Geography (UNIT 1) Revision Resources. Landforms revision document Case study revision guide HIGHER Case Study Guide FOUNDATION.

NEW for - Physical geography case study guide with sand dunes case study - Mr G's students USE THIS ONE. Big picture sheets - complete to revise!

Restless Earth Coastal Zone Water on the land. A page of resources to help you study GCSE Geography. GCSE Geography. UNIT 1 - Physical Geography: Unit 2 - Human Geography: Unit 3 - Controlled assessment: Archive of. 1. The Earth’s Crust is unstable, especially at plate margins.

The Earth is made up of 4 concentric layers (like an egg or an onion): Inner core – this is the hot solid centre of the Earth made up of iron and nickel. Outer core – this is the liquid layer within the core, also made up of iron and nickel.

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GCSE Geography Unit 1. -Greenpeace, focus on the use of fossil fuels and try to get governments to change the policies to produce more sustainable energy -Schools, introducing energy sufficient water and central heating system that run by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy.

-Local councils, Received 4 .

Gcse geography unit 1 revision
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